Confidential “LIMA”

Project Name: Confidential “Lima”

Client: Malaysia Client

Host Type: FPSO

Year: 2020

Project Description and Scheme of Work:

  • 1. Perform Engineering Definition of the FPSO up to the battery limit as required by Client. The objective is to achieve a minimum cost, fit-for-purpose design that is safe, operable and maintainable
  • 2. Review, Design and Develop the following which include
  • 3. Lines Plan Offset Table of Donor Vessel
  • 4. General Arrangement & Capacity Plan
  • 5. Global Strength Analysis - Initial Scantling and Total Strength Assessment
  • 6. Electrical System Design and Bulk MTO (Preliminary)
  • 7. Instrumentation & Telecommunication System Design & Bulk MTO ( Preliminary)
  • 8. Accommodation Design
  • 9. Intact Stability Report and Stability Model
  • 10. Weight Control Report
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