EPC Projects

HCMLTrunojoyo 01 FPUFull EPCIC Scope

The new build FPU with main dimension of 160m LOA, 32m Breadth and 11m Depth will have main facility comprising:
Process facility including separation, gas compression, gas dehydration and custody transfer metering system;
Utility System including fuel gas system, open-drain and closed-drain, flaring system, lifting cranes, instrument & utility air, seawater, fresh water, potable water, firewater, power generation and electrical system, E-house, control system, telecommunication system, etc;
Living Quarter (Accommodation) with capacity of 70 POB for the FPU CONTRACTOR’s operations personnel, including COMPANY’s personnel and occasional short-term stay for offshore maintenance staff;
Lifesaving & fire-fighting system;
Marine system;
Spread mooring with 12 studless chain lines and driven anchor pile type supported by chain stoppers;
Bunkering/de-bunkering facilities for diesel fuel oil and bunkering facilities for fresh water;
Flexible jumpers and umbilical (power cable and fiber optic).
First Gas on Oct 23rd, 2022
BLUEOCEANBLUEOCEAN-I CJ46 Drilling Rig 1. Full Project Management team on behalf of Owner
2. Full Detail Design
3. Mechanical Completion and Commissioning assistance
4. Delivery documentation assistance
COSCO Dalian Shipyard180 POB LQ EPCIC for Dalian Developer Drillship1. 180 men Accommodation Modules EPCIC;
2. Installation and Commissioning for Electrical/Instrument/Telecommunication;
3. Construction, Installation and Test;
4. Lifting and Installation, Hook‐up and Integration

FPU Trunojoyo 01

Length Overall: 160m

Breadth Moulded: 32.0m

Depth Moulded: 11.0m

Design Draft (MLD): 4.4m

Displacement: 18874.0t

Complement(POB): 70 Persons

Gas processing rate: 175mmscfd

4×3 Spread Mooring

P1 – E-House

P2 – Power Generation

P3 – Gas Metering & Teg Regeneration Package

P4 – Gas Scrubber & Gas Compression

P5 – Flare Ko Drum

S5 – Closed Drain

Flare Tower


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