2022~CNOOC/COOECLiu Hua FPSODetail DesignOn Going
2022~MCDERMOTT WUCHUANWoodside Scarborough FPUProduction DesignOn Going
2022~MCDERMOTT WUCHUANYellowTail FPSOProduction DesignOn Going
2021~CNOOCVarious ProjectsMaster Service Agreement for Floaters & JacketsOn Going
2021~CNOOC/COOECSaudi Aramco MarjanTopside Module Production Design EngineeringOn Going
2020~CNOOC/COOECPenguin FPSOTopside Module Production Design EngineeringOn Going
2020~CNOOC/COOECCanada LNGTrain 1 A1EC/A1EG/A1PK, Train 2 A2EC/A2EG/A2PK Full Discipline Module DesignOn Going
2021CNOOC/COOECEP15-1 CEPDetail & Production DesignCompleted
2021BOMESCBacalhau FPSO E-HouseE-HOUSE Strength and fatigue analysisCompleted
2020MCDERMOTT WUCHUANALNG 21- TMP-004 Module DesignCompleted
2020COTECCNOOC Jacket Standardize ProjectJacket Module (8 Legs) Basic DesignCompleted
2020COTECBZ26-3 WHPCJacket Basic and Detail DesignCompleted
2019CIMCLing Shui 17-2 Semi ProjectProduction DesignCompleted
2019MCDERMOTT WUCHUANMEGProduction DesignCompleted
2019COTECCNOOC Jacket Standardize ProjectJacket Module Basic (4 Legs) DesignCompleted
2017BOMESCMV27 E-HouseDetail design for EIT and architecture/3D ModelingCompleted
2017BOMESCFLNGDetail design of EIT and architecture/3D ModelingCompleted
2014~2017CNOOCYAMAL ProjectYAMAL MWP01 PAU TRAINCompleted
2014~2017MCDERMOTT WUCHUANYAMALYAMAL 615/715 Module DesignCompleted
2014CNOOCJinZhou 25-1 South WHPDetail Design for the Main Area of Jin Zhou 25-1 South Oilfield Comprehensive adjustment project, WHP Platform 3D DesignCompleted
2013CNOOCEnPing 24-2 DPP3D Modelling for En Ping Oil Field Development Project-Platform EP 24-2 DPPCompleted
2013CNOOCJinZhou 9-3 WHPCDetail Design for the Main Area of Jin Zhou 9-3 Oilfield Comprehensive adjustment project, WHPC Platform 3D DesignCompleted
2012CNOOCKenLi 3-2 Living QuarterDetailed design of total four 30 person and 90 person living quarter.Completed