Research & Development

FSRU Research & Development

OceanSTAR is currently developing FSRU products based on OSMO’s project experience and engineering capabilities in offshore O&G industry. we would like to provide customers with a competitive solution for their offshore LNG regasification supply chain.

Conversion LNGC Design

LNG Cargo Containment System: MOSS
Net Volume Cargo Capacity: 135,000 m3
LNG Regasification Capacity
Peak: 240.12 MMSCFD
Nominal: 104.5 MMSCFD
Minimum: 17.55 MMSCFD

New-bulid FSRU

As for new-build FSRU, our goal is to realize in-house design for the entire product including Regas, Hull, Marine and Cargo Handling and to obtain the AiP Certificate under company strategy.

LNG Cargo Containment System: GTT
Net Volume Cargo Capacity: 140,000 m3
LNG Regasification Capacity
Peak: 360 MMSCFD
Nominal: 240 MMSCFD
Minimum: 54 MMSCFD

Floating Wind Farm

Joint Research & Development of Innovative Support System for a 10 MW FOWT, supported by Singapore-China Joint Innovation program.

  1. to develop an innovative & optimized design of FOWT support platform, which is suitable for operation in Southeast Asia / South China Sea region.
  2. to optimize the FOWT global performance in terms of Stability, Seakeeping, Structural Strength & Fatigue, and mooring system
  3. to reduce the steel weight & cost
  4. to validate the results through model test

TLP wind turbine R&D cooperation with another partner MOU has been signed.


AiP for Newbuilt FPSO/FSO