China, 1st Quarter 2020

Located in the North Sea, the project is operated by a turnkey consortium composed of SHELL and its US partner ExxonMobil, and designed by Sevan marine ASA of Norway. The diameter of the FPSO Hull is 87.5m, and the height of the FPSO is 32m. After completion and delivery, the FPSO is expected to have an oil storage capacity of 400000 barrels, an oil processing capacity of 35000 barrels and a gas processing capacity of 120 million cubic feet. Compared with the conventional hull structure and module integration project of FPSO, the technology content, construction difficulty and process level of the platform are higher.

The FPSO was built by China Offshore Oil Engineering Qingdao company, OSMO undertakes engineering design and on-site technical support contracts for structure, piping, electrical instrument, etc.